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MOSQUITRAP - Mosquito Sucking Vortex Killer Vacuum Trap

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No more ugly, smelly or toxic traps! 

Easily place this beautifully designed, stylish and decorative MOSQUITRAP in your home, kitchen, office, garden or camping tent.

Connect it to the USB port of your Phone Charger adapter.

MOSQUITRAP uses 365NM wavelength UV light which ATTRACTS Mosquitoes, small flies and other similar insects.

Once Mosquitos are attracted by the UV light and get close to it, the Air Sucking Vortex will vacuum them and drop them inside the death chamber, which they wont be able to exit and they will die there.

and harmless to the humans + it is water resistant.

One button to switch ON/OFF. After using you should unlock the storage box to throw out the dead mosquitoes.

This device is very quiet, and you can keep it in your bedroom while you sleep.

Easy to clean - removable tray design.

MOSQUITRAP has Fashionable and Artistic appearance.
Elegant, stylish and smooth design makes it look nice in your home.