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Round Anti Blue Light Non Prescription Glasses

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Bluelight glasses for the computer have lenses with "HEV blue light" protective filters (that block "blue light"), anti-UV 4000 filters,  anti-reflective layer and special tinted filters that reduce eyestrain, screen reflection, improve contrasting perception and offer a more natural color experience. Wearing glasses allows the eyes to relax and provides them with adequate protection.


Major Benefits
  • Protect Your Eyes - Exposure to blue light over time can lead to visual fatigue and increases risk of macular degeneration and cataract. This anti-blue light glasses can effectively block harmful blue light and UV400.
  • Relieve Fatigue and Headache - Long hours spent on computers and mobile phones frequently causes fatigue, dizziness, even migraine. Anti-blue light glasses can relieve these symptoms when you enjoy the fun of smart devices.
  • Sleep Better - Blue light can temporarily cause insomnia and  compromise sleep quality, because it signalizes brain to stay awake. These glasses prevent this and improve sleep quality by blocking harmful blue light.
  • Most suitable for employed people, students or gamers. Simply suitable for all those who spend many hours in front of screens. 

Material and Characteristics

  • The glasses are made of soft and comfortable materials.
  • The frame is made of durable Eco-friendly thermoplastic TR90 material.
  • The transparent acrylic lenses  are made coated with multi-layer blue filter coating.


  • The glasses have an elegant, slightly rounded shape that suits both men and women with all face shapes, and that fits any clothing combination.